My Ka Ka

A conversation after church service:

Beatrice: Mummy, I want my kaka to go playgroup with me.
Mummy: Huh?
Beatrice: Other children have their ka ka go playgroup with them.
Mummy: Oh.. I see. But she is 奶奶's maid, not ours. Beatrice, you can stay in the playgroup with kor kor Raenen & mei mei Gabby right? Christal is there too. Yee yee Vina looks after di di Caelan, yee yee Vivien goes for service too. The children can stay together & play together.
Beatrice: I don't want mummy go for service.

Recently, she would whine at the door of the playgroup, not willing to let me go for service. Have been trying to explain to her but when it comes to actual situation, it all starts again.

She told us uncle Albert in the playgroup. So we tried to explain to her that uncle Albert is helping aunty Ginder takes care of the baby in the playgroup.

Nowadays she would start asking if kor kor is going playgroup, is mei mei going too, how about Christal etc etc. I will be a bit speechless when I know that they won't be there. ~Sigh~

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