Dawn's House-Warming

JX & Dawn invited the CGs to their place for a cosy afternoon at their place.

We have a BIG joke to share... we went to the wrong condo & even spent some time there!

We wondered a little when we didn't see familar cars around us but we just ignored. DH wanted to schedule his work before we proceed to Dawn's house. So while he is busy with his stuff, I brought Trice around & even took some pictures!

We realised we are at the wrong place when no one answer the door when we pressed the door bell. :o We arrived 15min later at the correct condo house!

Dawn commented.. wah, your Beatrice is killing the baby with the scissors…:p
Haha.. I think she was trying to cut the baby's hair. ;p

The adults have fun with JX's bd gift too!

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