Ikea Breakfast

Went to Ikea for breakfast on Sunday morning and at the same time to get some stuff to tidy up the house.

This is one of the item bought home to tidy up Trice's artwork from church playgroup. It used to be everything dump in a box-up corner.

This is my first time doing spring cleaning after staying here for 2.5 years... and you can imagine the thickness of dust it has accumulate. DH asked, "why is there a need to spring clean?" Well and you can imagine the help he offers for the past few days while I was busy with all the cleaning. He offered to watch the TV, read his magazines and to make sure Beatrice is playing on her own! Ok, at least he cleaned up his own table, helped out as and when I need a pair of extra hands and throw away the unwanted stuff. Thanks Dear!

Anyway, I'm almost done with the cleaning, left with Trice's drawers and my table. Yeah!! And I am please with my own accomplishment.

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