DE 26th Anniversary

18th January 2009

My company had our annual dinner at Singapore Cricket Club this year. The day is always fix even if it falls on a Sunday. ;p

The speech given by the directors were pretty negative talking about recession, client cutting our professional fee, developer cutting wages etc. Since last year till now, there are already a few projects shelved. The director shared about keeping some profit for unexpected days, not wanting another 1998 situation whereby the company has to go on a pay cut and directors had to come out with cash to keep the company running. Hmmm.. not a very good sign. But it's not a bad thing to save for the worse, rather than cutting employees salary or even retrenchment.

Thank God that we still have bonus and increment this year.

This year western food was much better than what we had last year. Even Trice enjoyed the chocolate eclair and the vegetable soup.

Games time... The colleagues started building their tower from the table.. to the floor and even on the stage. ;p

This year we had prepared a game specially for the directors and 2 other colleagues who received their 5 years service award. My colleague was sharing with me just now that Dr Lim was saying take back my bonus if I sabo them on stage. :(

Next year would me my turn to receive my 5 years sevice award, provided I'm still with this company and praying hard that it would not be affected by the recession.

The children had the whole stage to themselves after the games.. time of fun, jump and dance. And the parents were standing at all sides making sure no one fall down.

After dinner, we took a walk along the riverside to let Trice enjoy the lightings. And a short break at the sofa of Fullerton Hotel.

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