KL 2012 - Day 3 (Part 2)

Had our cup of Starbucks coffee at Pavilion. Yes, brought my own mug for cheaper coffee. They have better deal than Singapore, RM2 off compared to Singapore 50c.

Tokyo street at the higher floor of Pavilion.  Interesting place where they sells Jap stuff & food.

Entrance of Pavilion decorated in the CNY mood.

Beatrice took this with my dSLR.

Another photo taken by Beatrice.

Coach dragon deco for CNY.

Outside Pavilion were bears decorated by many different parties/organisation/countires etc.  Something like the Elephant parade in Singapore.

Funny girl, wanna take picture with this red escalator.

From here we went to check out KF's office.  Their new kiosk under testing.

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