Little Green Ambassador


2 months ago, Beatrice came home with this little green ambassador paper. Organized by dairy farm to teach the children about reduce, recycle and refuse.

Mummy's job is to teach her about "bring your own bag" (BYOB) when we go shopping. A sticker will be given to her whenever we BYOB at cold storage & all shops under their management.

A total of 50 stickers to be collected to filled the piece of paper.  It's not that tough as I've been BYOB for quite a while now.  However 50 stickers over 60 days worked out to visiting the supermarket almost every day!!

Some places that we went the cashier were quite nice to give additional 1-2 stickers when we spent more.  Some only gave 1 even I had 2 BYOB.  To get a gold award, minimum 35 stickers is required.

Teacher recall the collection early as they were worry the parents forget to bring on the last day of the month where dairy farm will be collecting back from the school.

Beatrice had completed 40 stickers and confirm a gold award.  But thought maybe can add 1-2 more stickers for her.  So decided to bring Beatrice to the supermarket to get a snack & request for a additional sticker. :)

The cashier on duty was very nice.  I told her in mandarin, auntie the teacher is collecting back tomorrow morning, can you give my girl an extra sticker?  She ask me how many do I still need, I told her 10 and she took out 10 for Beatrice. Thank you auntie.

She was glad she finished sticking on every numbers indicated.  :)

Most of the HDB flats in Singapore has this recycle program where residents are encouraged to clean and put aside items that can be recycle for separate collection.  I've been participating in it since they started giving out the collection bag to our area.

Beatrice will play a part too.  She will ask, "mummy, is this to be recycle or throw?"

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