Beatrice's Birthday (Part 3)

The school celebration was planned on Monday since the teachers & kids were busy with the Overnight Camping last Friday.

Home-made cupcakes for both teachers and classmates. I wondered will I DIY again next year, baking into late hours the night earlier and waking up early morning to continue, reason being I don't have a built-in oven that can bake 12 at one go, mine is only 6 at a time.

This is for the teachers. Smaller in size. Having the thought of them eating cake for every children birthday.

And this is for the children.  Thanks to Jenny for lending me the cupcake tray & case, come in handy.

Her classmates, 3 absents I think.

Then I remember Raenen still in his class. :)

I guess the happy sight is to see the children enjoying the cupcakes that I had made?  But then children likes sweet stuff, not surprise that they enjoy too. Haha!

Raenen told his mummy that he likes my cupcakes. :)

Pinata after dessert.

Brought the 2 kids to NEX for a time of ice-cream after school.

That evening, Raenen came to our place to make his own pizza together with Beatrice.

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