Christmas Mood


Brought Beatrice for Little Ones workshop. Met up with Brian to Singtel as he was facing problem with his new iPhone. Well, it's not a problem actually, it's his problem.

Anyway, this is my hubby 1st time using a high tech gadget. It took us (me & friends) months to persuade him, to explain to him he need one for the nature of his work. Well, he manage to get a free iPhone from Starhub. PTL!

When he 1st called them, they told him he need to pay $300+. He ask if he can have some voucher or something to offset. The person called back to inform him that the company will give him a new iPhone FOC, of course with 2 years contract.

Back to the main topic. Whenever Beatrice see a Christmas tree, she will always request to take a photo. A simply request.

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