The Dinner

Was having a real bad tension headache, the headache didn't go away medication. During the service, pastor got the church to pray for family members or ourselves who are sick in the body & believing by end of service, we will be healed. I BELIEVE!

By end of service, the headache was gone. PTL!! Mervyn & Jenny helped us with Beatrice while we can enjoy a dinner without her. :)

Decided to try Novetel Hotel Clarke Quay since we are Accor members from our Japan trip. The cafe was 70% filled, buffet counter will be closed in an hour time. Decided to just try out the buffet, only to realise some of dishes were finished. And the chefs were not so kin in serving us since they were looking forward to knocking off? I guess we were considered late to comment on the food quality. Probably it will taste better if we were there when the buffet just started, served while fresh?

An hour dinner and we headed to pick up Beatrice from Mervyn's place. The girls were busy watching DVD after DVD. :)

Thanks Mervyn and Jenny!

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