Fellowship with RLe

1 May 2010

RLe joined us for Expo service that weekend followed by fellowship at McDonalds at Budget Terminal. Why Budget Terminal? With only a handful of airlines flying from there, it is suppose to be the least crowded place compare to other Terminals.

We had a whole section to ourselves initially, the staff was still mopping the place when we arrived. But we also had a total of 3 accidents spill that evening. Thanks to the Mac staff for replacing the food/drink FOC and cleaning the place for us. :)

The power of Apple's App games!

Time for some fun at the playground to burn off their energy.

Stacking Lining the kids on slide... "Take 1!"
EthanL was blocked by Kenneth. Leonidas wanted to join in the fun too but he is too small. :)

Let's try group sliding!

Lining the kids on slide... "Take 2!"
This time round Christal cried cos Bea sat on her legs. Sorry!

EthanC: "Excuse me, can I cross over?"

The rest of the fathers busy chatting while we were busy at the playground.

The playground gets a little crowded near to flight departing time and some of the older ones were rough. One of the boy actually stepped on Christal's head while trying to cross her & get down the ladder. After a while, we got the kids back to the Mac to rest and some of them headed home to rest.

The 4 left making some funny faces.

Bea making so much noise, the other 3 had to cover their ears.

Oops! Kenneth tried to be hero & was hit by Bea.

If you want milk, you will need to buy yourself.

Kenneth draw and the younger 3 observed.

Time for a hug as we do not know if we will meet again before they fly back to US.

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