CNY Day 5 (2010)

Day 5 started by sending Bea to the childcare & I went for a swim. Then meet up with the cousins @AMKHub for breakfast. Fetch the kids after their school and went for lunch together.

The Story...

Raenen was holding 4 kids menu & not wanting to share with the girls.

Gabby teared cos she was tired and Rae doesn't share with her.

The happy one.

Bea's sad face.

The 2 innocent ones.. Caelan

& Raemus

Got them to play with our iPhone/iPods instead.

Bea wants mummy's iPhone.

Raenen wants to see what Bea is playing.

Bea not willing to share.

Gabby enjoying her mummy's iPod.

Bea with her mummy's iPhone.

Raenen's sad face. He doesn't wants mummy's iPod cos he wants to try new games in other iPhone/iPod.

The End.

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