Zoo with Jaydon

Ana & I called in to Little Ones Club to reserved the zoo pass a month ago. So here we are at the zoo with our children. Since we have saved on the entrance fee, decided to rent the wagon for the children. With this wagon, we end up saving on the tram too. Ana say its more fun to walk.

Bea waiting for Jaydon.

Ana bought these to keep them occupied along the way.

Not forgetting to spend some fun time at kidzworld. We didn't opted for the waterplay as Bea had just recovered from a cough.

Some snap shots of their expressions. Like these...

Bumpy rides along the timber uneven road is fun too.


princesJJ said...

what is the little club?

Iris said...

Little Ones Club is a children's club by Takashimaya. They organised art & craft workshops, excursions & holiday parties for children. They have added privileges at a few places of interest. you can read more about it at http://www.takashimaya-sin.com/littleones/about.asp