Mid-Autumn Festival in JW

JX Zone has the mid-autumn festival celebration at JW church 2 weeks back. Many of us went for the Jurong service and follow by the celebration in the evening. It's been a while since we last attended Jurong service.

Forgotten to check my camera battery life, it was running low on the event. Couldn't capture much pictures, still waiting for some of the mummies to send me theirs. :) All I could do was to take a few pictures, let the battery cool down and take a few more.

As usual, Bea could not finish the lollipop that was she had requested upon seeing the rest of her friends eating it.

The CG members participating in the tea tasting competition. The organisers prepared all sorts of tea which they could find!

This is the lantern created by the CG members in 10 minutes?

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