Trice has rashes all over her when we picked her up from school on Wednesday afternoon. GP says its heat rash. But it didn't get better, instead it was worse on thursday morning. Her rashes becomes warm & bumpy. PD confirms that it is not HFMD, not chickenpox, not measles, not rubella, not heat rash... it's viral infection. It should go away without medicaiton in 4-5 days. Don't know how she got it anyway.

Thank God, those rashes are not itchy and she doesn't have any fever. And as of this morning, it's no longer bumpy, the swell has subsided.

We need to keep her away from any children and public. So this week, you won't get to see her around in CG & church. She will be staying at home.

This is her driving me around the house last night. :)

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