Ana's Refresher Course - Lesson 2

When I chatted with Trice on Saturday morning, she was still angry with Jaydon. She refused to speak to him over the phone or meet up with him. They had a 'bad dispute' during the kite flying @Marina Barrage.

Ok, Jaydon scolded nagged at her for a few times but it's b'cos she was not willing to share the kite with Jaydon. Long story.. DH was left in the field handling the 2 of them. I was busy having video call with RLE and Ana was hiding in the shade cos she slipped & fell a moment ago. To think of it, no wonder Trice didn't want to sit beside Jaydon during the break.

So we try to get them together again. We suggested to go out on Sunday morning with the 'new' driver, Ana. We went for McDonald breakfast at Commonwealth and Giant at Turf City.

Good try.. at least at the end of the whole session, Trice is more willing to talk to Jaydon & share things with him.

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