Beatrice End of 2nd Week

For last week, Molly said she was good. She will show signs of missing her parents only when the other boy arrived with his parents. But she could be distracted easily. Also, she has become good friends with this boy (I need to find out the name of this boy). I guess somehow cos they started school on the same day. According to the teacher, they will play together, hug together! :)

She brought back her art & craft done in school. When I went through with her, she was proud to tell me she did those stuff. Thank God she is adjusting well to school.

Trice is more mentally prepared for school today. When we spoke to her about going to school yesterday, she was still OK. She can even joke with us, "I cry ok?" This morning, everything was alright till she need to sit down to do the routine checks. Pray that her morning cry will stop soon.

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